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About Us

Tycoon company, is an Egyptian company leader in distribution and supplying of firefighting.

Tycoon company, is an Egyptian company leader in distribution and supplying of firefighting and gas detection systems for local and international

  • We have international experience in supplying and installing our systems for industrial, oil and gas and commercial markets. In our company, we are working hard to make the world a safer place. We are devoted to protect people, property and processes from everyday hazards and danger.
  • From fire detection, fire sprinkler, fire suppression and aerosol systems to gas detection products to meet the needs of customers in a variety of applications and settings.
  • Our management, skilled technicians and all staff combine expertise and work together with a commitment for service excellence to deliver a range of fire and security solutions, including design, integration, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Benefits of working with Tycoon company

Professional team

In Tycoon Company, we own the know-how of our process which is designed
by our team in cooperation with our partner. This gives us the strength to improve and resolve any problem that may face us at any time.We invest in people and hire the best professionals in all positions.

Strategically located

Tycoon Company is strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea which is like a bridge to the north Africa and the European market. The location is also centered between Asian markets on the east and European and American market to the west.

Trade agreements

With many markets, the cost of final product in European market is competitive.

Reliable and Quality product

Tycoon Company is establishing strong reputation for delivering reliable and high quality product supported by certification including:
-UL Listed -FM Approved -LPCB Approved  -VDS Approved -CE Approved  -ISO 15779
-CEN/TR 15276-1  -BRL K23001/04   -ATEX

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